Types of Orthodontic Procedures and Why You Need Them

Orthodontic procedures are dental procedures performed with the end goal to straighten and position your teeth ultimately your smile. These procedures are normally for individual with crooked or misaligned teeth, which affects their oral health as well as their overall appearance.

Damaged teeth can severely impact your oral health since they are typically difficult to fully clean. Aside from that, misaligned teeth can also make it hard to chew by causing pressure on the other teeth and gums, leading to inflammation and risk of gum disease. Another example is when your upper teeth are not properly aligned with your lower teeth. This can make it difficult for you to bite down and eventually lead to pain and jaw problems. Orthodontic treatments are great because they can align your teeth regardless of whether they have been damaged or they’re just naturally misaligned.

If you want to straighten your teeth and bring back a bright, beautiful smile, an orthodontic procedure can help you.

Types of Orthodontic Procedures

Orthodontic procedures can include fixed and removable appliances that put pressure on the jaws and teeth to move them into the right place.

1. Braces

Braces are the most common and effective type of orthodontic treatment. They are fixed appliances that are placed on the teeth by using side teeth as anchors. They can be metal bands, brackets, or wires – each with the purpose of positioning the teeth into a straight line. Modern braces are smaller, easy-to-handle, and more suitable than traditional ones.

2. Space Maintainers

This orthodontic procedure is used for teeth that are lost prematurely. It is a fixed appliance that is used to save space for the tooth until it grows naturally. Modern technology introduces removable space maintainers that are made of acrylic material.

3. Clear Aligners

Clear aligners or Invisalign are modern removable braces. They are convenient since they are not made of metal wires or brackets, which can get uncomfortable in the mouth. These clear aligners can be removed while eating or brushing, making them easier to manage. They are custom-designed for your mouth and are made of plastic. Because of their transparency they also don’t feel heavy in your mouth like metal braces.

4. Lip and Cheek Bumpers

These are removable appliances that are used when you want to reduce the pressure that your lips and cheeks exert on your teeth.

5. Others

Other types of orthodontic procedures include palatal expanders that are used to widen the upper jaw arch, removable retainers that prevent teeth from changing their position, and headgears. Each of these procedures is used to position your teeth correctly in your mouth.

How Can Early Treatment Help?

Early treatment when it comes to orthodontic procedures is always the best. You want to begin at an early age in order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. By starting orthodontic procedures young, the most effective treatment options can start aligning your teeth.


By starting orthodontic treatment earlier, there is less time and cost needed in order to resolve a dental problem later on in life. It can also prevent more serious problems that can develop at an older age.

If your child has straight teeth it is still recommended to have a dentist or orthodontist provide an examination to determine if future orthodontic care will be needed. It is common for 7 year olds to develop adult molars which will help the orthodontist determine how this will affect the surrounding teeth. This exam allows the orthodontist to recommend the best time to visit again for treatment if necessary.

Where Can I Find The Best Orthodontist Near Me?

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