Short and Long-Term Benefits of Getting Braces

Have you recently been recommended braces by a dentist at Hospitality Dental? If so and you’re still trying to decide whether you want to make that commitment, keep reading the article to learn not only about the long term positives of braces but also the short-term. Braces are most commonly used as the solution for crooked and/or misaligned teeth but you will be surprised to learn that dental braces can also improve your oral health in general.

You can find the best orthodontist in Las Vegas at Hospitality Dental where you can rest assured that getting braces will give you back your smile.

How To Know If You Need Braces

Potential Orthodontic Problems:

· Difficulty chewing or biting

· Crowding, misplaced or blocked out teeth

· Jaws that shift or make sounds

· Biting your cheeks

· Biting the roof of your mouth

· Teeth that align off center

· Jaws or teeth that are out of proportion

· Early or late baby teeth

· Breathing through the mouth

Types of Braces
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There are various types of braces to correct alignment problems, such as brackets with wires, aligners, and headgear. Traditional braces have brackets that attach to your teeth and are connected by a wire and rubber bands. The wire gets tightened by your dentist over time and this process slowly aligns your teeth. You can also style your braces with different colored rubber

bands that work to keep the wire in place. Aside from that the other kinds of braces being used include: metal braces, white ceramic braces, and lingual braces that attach behind the teeth.

Aligners are clear removable braces that align your teeth with plastic trays. The plastic trays allow for adjustments that will slowly move your teeth into proper alignment.

Headgear is a much stronger application used to shift your teeth. The wire is shaped like a horseshoe that then attaches to the back of your teeth and allows more pressure and aligns your teeth.

Once the braces are on, it is recommended to visit the dental office every few weeks to make adjustments and monitor the effects.

Short-Term Benefits

Improved Speech

Getting dental braces may be a painful procedure, but it greatly helps improve your speech while you have them. Typically when you need braces your speech can be impaired due to not having your teeth aligned. Dental braces help with adjusting your teeth and positioning them. This, in turn, helps your speech by preventing lisping and allowing you to pronounce words better.

Preventing Gum Disease

When teeth overlap over one another or have gaps in between bacteria can interact with the gums and increase the risk of gum diseases. Dental braces allow your teeth to be adequately spaced, making sure that the bacteria are unable to reach your gums. The teeth also don’t give space to build plaque and tartar, hence improving your digestive health.

Protected Teeth

With dental braces, your teeth remain covered and protected. This protects them from decay, yellowing, or chipping. The braces can act as an outer shield for your teeth.

Long-Term Benefits

Improved Dental Hygiene

The basic purpose of dental braces is to improve oral hygiene. Braces help your teeth come together and be perfectly aligned. This proper placement of your teeth prevents bacteria from reaching the gums, makes it easier to brush in difficult spots, and does not cause unusual stress on jaws and muscles. Straightened teeth overall make it easier to chew and therefore reduces sensitivity. Your orthodontist in Las Vegas assures that you will improve your overall dental health for a long, long time.

Better Smile, Greater Self-Confidence

Your orthodontist in Las Vegas knows how a crooked smile and misaligned teeth can ruin your self-confidence. When you see those kids flaunting their perfect jawlines and aligned teeth, we know what you feel. Dental braces may be uncomfortable for a while but in the long run, they give you the smile you’ve wanted your whole life. Your teeth will speak for your personality when you are able to smile brighter and more confidently.     

And Of Course, Straight Teeth!

The obvious long-term benefit is straight teeth. Straight teeth are important in dental hygiene and in cosmetic dentistry. It improves everything that goes on inside your mouth and at the same time the smile you show to the world.

Hospitality Dental provides you an opportunity to get straight teeth and change your life. We have services which include different types of braces such as invisible ones, plain aligners, and metal wires with colorful bands. You can choose the dental braces that you are most comfortable with.

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