5 Reasons Why It’s Important for Children to see a Dentist from an Early Age

Dental CheckupPediatric dentistry is a comparatively new field of specialization for dentists. A couple of generations ago, children first went to the dentist when they started going to school. Hence, this may be the reason why millions of Americans suffer from tooth decay and bad oral hygiene today.

Early visits to the dentist have proven to be highly essential and beneficial for children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that children must start going to the dentist no later than their first birthday. This will help them in the future in many ways. The following are the reasons why this practice is important.

Oral hygiene for children should start at a young age. Starting early can prove beneficial in your child’s dental habits. Some steps you can take for your child to start their dental habits are: First, instilling your brushing twice a day with fluoride, this will help keep your child’s teeth plaque free. Second, start flossing your child’s teeth. Go through each tooth individually and remind your child to always pay attention to the back teeth. Third: Use fluoride toothpaste. Using pea sized amounts of fluoride in your child’s toothpaste is great for their teeth. Be sure to purchase fluoride toothpaste with the ADA’s seal of approval on the tube if toothpaste. Lastly: Supervise your child. Your child may accidentally swallow some amounts of toothpaste as well as damage their gums with the toothbrush if left unattended. Taking these steps will ensure your child has a healthy smile from a young age.

1.     Prevent Cavities and Tooth Decay

A survey shows that as soon as the first tooth appears at the age of 1 in most cases, the risk of cavities establishes. Visiting a dentist during an early age will prevent cavities and tooth decay for as long as the milk teeth remain. Children are exposed to greater risks of cavities because of their habits. They use soft toothbrushes due to the sensitivity of their gums or often fall asleep while drinking milk. This is why it is found that up to 60% of children develop cavities and tooth decay as they start elementary school, which could be prevented by an early visit to the pediatric dentist.

2. Check Whether Braces Are Needed

As a child grows up, their mouth and jaw develop a structure. Pediatric dentists carry out evaluations and examinations to check if their teeth are impacted inside the gums or not. Advanced technology allows dentists to examine the teeth before they pop out and create a hypothetical diagram of how the teeth will fit in the mouth. This helps them detect any misalignment earlier on so that they can prepare the child for braces or prevent it altogether. Certain jaw exercises can prevent the need for braces.

3. To Check for Bite and Speech Issues

Pediatric dentists also evaluate oral health and teeth structure in the mouth by examining bite or speech issues. Children may go through severe issues if they are unable to bite or chew properly as that affects their nutrition intake. Speech issues are also associated with dental health. Children may learn and develop wrong sounds and pronunciations if they are unable to say certain syllables. This could also become a lifetime issue.

4. To Prevent Infections and Bacteria Build-up

Children eat lots of candies and sweets. They are also not responsible enough to remember to brush two times a day or use floss. Hence, the risk of infections and bacteria increases. Early dental examinations will ensure that bacteria growing in the mouth are cleaned up before it spreads to the gums.

5. To Promote Healthy Habits

Going to the dentist from an early age helps children develop more healthy dental habits. Your family dentist in Las Vegas will educate you and inform your children about the importance of dental health. Children who visit dentists from an early age are also more comfortable with dental checkups and develop trust with their dentist. This makes it easier for them to deal with dental issues as they grow up.

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