Common Myths About Oral Health and Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Your oral health plays an important role for your overall health but because of the internet it’s possible to learn some information that may not be the most accurate. There are many dangerous myths about how to care for your gums and teeth that can have detrimental impact to your well being. As your dentists at Hospitality Dental, we want to provide you with the most accurate information about your oral health. Here are some of the more common myths we hear about oral health that could be putting your teeth and gums in danger.

family dentist in las vegasMyth: Brushing your teeth harder will clean them deeper and faster.

False. Brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of good oral health, but scrubbing with all of your might is not necessary and actively harmful to your teeth. When brushing your teeth, use gentle circular or back-and-forth motions across the surfaces of your teeth, while resisting the urge to dig in and scrub with your full strength. Brushing your teeth too hard will actually cause the enamel of your teeth to erode, which will lead to tooth sensitivity and leave your teeth much more vulnerable to cavities. Treat your teeth with care by selecting a soft-bristled toothbrush and easing up on the pressure you use to when brushing.

Myth: You should stop flossing if it makes your gums bleed.

False and this is a sign of bigger issue. Bleeding gums are a symptom of gum disease in many people. Gum disease occurs when plaque and bacteria build up on the gums, causing inflammation and tenderness. If you or your dentist detect gum disease early enough, you can usually treat it by maintaining a deep-cleaning oral hygiene routine. But in more advanced cases, your dentist will often recommend professional care to treat gum disease. If you leave gum disease untreated, it can lead to loosening or the loss of teeth. So try to contact or visit your dentist as soon as possible. Most importantly, don’t stop flossing! Flossing helps maintain good oral hygiene.
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Myth: If your teeth are white, they are healthy.

False again. The color of your teeth is not an accurate or clear indicator of your dental health. Thanks to whitening treatments, teeth can look bright and white while still suffering from hidden problems like decay, enamel erosion, and more. The best way to check on your oral health is by visiting your dentist for a dental check-up. They will be able to look beyond your white smile and take a deeper look into potential issues you could be having.

Myth: Flossing can create spaces between your teeth.

Not a chance. Flossing has never been reported by any dental study to create spaces between your teeth. In fact, flossing helps prevent decay between your teeth and reduces the chance of developing increasing your spacing. When you floss, you are removing food debris nestled around and between your teeth and gums, which helps keep them healthy and removes harmful bacteria. It may sometimes be difficult to floss if you have plaque and/or tartar buildup in between and behind your teeth. If you experience this issue, talk with a dental professional that can provide options and help remove the buildup with a professional teeth cleaning. This will help make it easier for you to establish a successful flossing routine.

Myth: Children with baby teeth don’t have to fill cavities.

False again. Baby teeth are very important in developing children and neglecting their care presents a serious danger to a child’s teeth and gums. They can become damaged or fall out prematurely. If not addressed right away, cavities in baby teeth can also cause tooth loss prematurely resulting in a gap. If this happens, a dentist can make an artificial space maintainer until the permanent tooth grows in. To maintain natural spacing keep those baby teeth healthy.

Myth: Deteriorating oral health is natural with age.

False. While aging can change your dental health, those who take care of their teeth during childhood and through their adult years will still have healthy teeth in their senior age. Vice versa, just because you are young and otherwise healthy, it does not mean you don’t need to take care of your teeth. In many cases, adults in their 20’s to 30’s may be suffering from severe dental decay that may require the use of dentures or dental implants. Oral hygiene is important no matter how old or young you are, so continue to brush and floss throughout your entire life to keep your mouth healthy.
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Educate Yourself on Dental Facts, Cut Out the Myth

When studying options for your own dental hygiene and oral health, always remember to double check your sources and speak with your dentist about the studied facts of keeping a healthy smile.

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